Let the adventures begin

We have arrived in Chicago, we have sat in the runway for over 2 hours, our plane is delayed, once we finally take off its 9:00 pm on the 19th our 15 hour flight is very calm, but very long. We finally arrive in India at 9:30 pm, on the 20th we have arrived in Delhi. It is hot, and most definitely very humid. This is my very first time setting foot in India. My first thoughts are. I am very far away from home, I don’t know the language, and I don’t know the culture. To make things even more interesting, as we wait for our local contact in India, we realize he is nowhere to be found. As we await, we try using our cell phones, although we find out they don’t work, we have no way to call. It’s a worrisome feeling to be alone in a unknown land, in a very distant airport, with plenty of people staring at you. After about 2 hours we finally were able to get our phones working, and thankfully found our friend who had been waiting for us all along at a different exit. What a relief.

After spending the day in Delhi, we have the opportunity to rest, and also get acquainted with the culture. Rakesh who is our friend in Delhi takes us to his home, there his family has prepared some great food for us, the next day, we get up at 4 am in order to make it to the airport by 5. We are flying to Kullu, this is a really short 50 minute flight, the scenery is spectacular. Kullu is in the middle of Himachal Pradesh state which is one of the northernmost states in India. As we make our descend, we are flying right in between the beautiful mountain ranges.

Once in Kullu, we get a taxi, and make our way on up the road to where we will be staying. What an interesting taxi ride. Definitely very unique. As we drive up the mountains on the one and half lane road, we sure come very close to oncoming traffic, I am scared out of my mind, I make sure to pull my seat belt even tighter every time, cars are flying down, and it seems like they just miss each other by inches, everyone is honking, and no one swerves to miss until the last second. In the end, they always make it out all right, they are experienced, and I would say knowledgeable drivers. or at least I hope. What a great beginning. The adventures have already begun, what more will we experience, only time will tell.

Nefi Alarcon