Today was truly a bittersweet day. We had to say goodbye to our girls and it was so incredibly sad but I am happy to know that we were able to do what we could to help them and have so much fun with them. They are beautiful and funny and so so sweet. I realized that even though we were the ones who came to India to teach these kids, they taught me more than I could ever imagine. They showed me what is TRULY IMPORTANT.They taught me LOVE. They taught me the importance of being KIND to EVERYONE. They taught me PATIENCE. They taught me to APPRECIATE all I have in my life and to RECOGNIZE how GOOD my life is. They taught me how lucky I am to have a GOOD EDUCATION. They taught me how to find happiness from WITHIN. They taught me the impact of a SIMPLE SMILE. They taught me the importance of seeing the GOOD in others. They taught me how to LOOK PAST FLAWS and see everyone’s TRUE BEAUTY. They taught me how to LAUGH carelessly. They taught me how to LIVE IN THE MOMENT and to EMBRACE THE NOW. They taught me GRATITUDE. They taught me how POWERFUL the heart is. They taught me to appreciate the amazing PEOPLE in my life. They taught me how to be BRAVE. They taught me ADVENTURE. They taught me that no matter your circumstance, there is GOOD ALL AROUND. I am so blessed to have been able to cross paths with these girls and to learn so much from them. These girls are truly a source of PRAKASH (light) in the world.

-Emma Gochnour