Leaving Home

Well we got rid of them! Did you think this day would ever come? We have worked so hard to prepare these kids for an adventure, and with the personalities that went, they can't help but have one! Thank you parents for all of your hard work.

This poem has been a family favorite and I thought it was applicable to today!

I left my quiet harbor
In favor of another—I know not where.
But first,
there are seas to cross
and storms to brave.
How could I prefer the foreign deep
to the encircling arms of my bay?
some things
can only be learned
at sea.
Yes, my craft is watertight.
I can navigate the unknown,
And O, the wind that fills my sails
blows from home.

Your kids are going to be incredible! Thank you for sharing them with us for the last year. Today is always a sad one for me because it means they are no longer forced to hang out with me. They are such fun kids, I will miss their sarcasm, their hilarious comment, their energy and their enthusiasm for service. I know that Calcutta is in for a big surprise!