Learning from the Girls - Jeff Sonntag

These YMAD trips to India are truly incredible!  I love seeing the difference it makes in the lives of these girls and I can tell they love it so much when we come!  But honestly, I will never be able to repay these girls for what they’ve taught and shown me about life.  I’ve never seen such trusting, loving, and humble human beings in all my life.

As we went through our 44 hours of travel to get here, I have to admit I wondered at times if this trip was really going to be worth it.  It was more than a shock to me seeing the living conditions of the people here, and I wasn’t sure what I had gotten myself into.  But when I saw the first smiles of the 5 girls that came to us on Sunday, all of those worries and concerns were completely swept away, and they’ve moved further and further away with every new girl that has come since.  They’ve all melted my heart and now I know why everyone that has been here in the past loves it so much.

I’ve fallen in love with a girl named Saroj.  She made me a card the first day I met her and completely melted my heart.  I hear from James Baird that Greg and Megan Davis have permanent dibs on her so I respect that but if they’ll let me be Godfather or something I would deeply appreciate it haha!  Today we watched ‘Happy Feet’ with the girls and Saroj came and cuddled with me for the full two-hour movie.  When they left, I turned to Hilari and she told me I was glowing and I’m sure I was because there have only been a few moments in my life that I’ve been as happy as I was today.

I really just can’t explain in words what I’ve experienced here.  I feel like what we’ve done is so amazing and I’m so proud of everyone in this group and am so grateful to be here with such a fun group of people.  Every ounce of energy we’ve spent in this whole process of helping these girls has been more than worth it.  The young girls have taught me more than I can describe about what really matters in life just in the way they live theirs.  I’ll be forever grateful for having had the chance to know these beautiful girls and will never forget what they’ve taught me.    

Jeff Sonntag