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Fav parts about India:

  1. obviously our darling children- their smiling faces, adorable giggles, and their unconditional love. Gosh we love them.
  2. The scenery- jeep rides, the market, the HIMALAYAS
  3. The people- We will never forget the way their faces light up when we wave and smile as we drive pass. We have never met more grateful and generous people. 
  4. Becoming buddies for life with our YMAD crew- Lots of happy memories, warm cuddles, and awkward moments
  5. The Food. Yumm

India has changed me. My dancing has gotten crazier, and I no longer flinch when I catch a whiff of poop, but mostly I have learned to love more than I ever thought I could. Today I cried and cried and cried and cried. Who knew I could be so emotional? bahaha probably everyone. It was just a short week but I never want to let them go. I just want one more hug (even though the kids already gave me a thousand) and I want to see one more smile. India has my heart. Always. 

p.s. Mom and Dad are you back from your trip yet? 


  • Claire Bea

There is just too much to say and not enough time.  These kids have taught me to love more than I ever thought possible.  I’d be lying if I said today wasn't hard. I can’t remember the last time I cried that hard.  The kids of Sundernagar will forever be in my heart.  But this has been the adventure of a life time.  I’ve laughed so hard, cuddled so much and even had a few wrestling matches.  I am beyond grateful for this experience and everyone who made it possible.  Thank you for all your love and support! See you soon... but not too soon.