Labor of Love - Brayden Forbes

Life as I know it has ascended into the world of selflessness and sacrifice.  Here in Chamba, our days begin early with eager anticipation of making a difference in the lives of twenty-two adorable girls.  It has been humbling to prepare and teach different skills to them; many are full of energy and require constant attention.  It is such a joy to offer our time to them.

Yesterday we had our cultural exchange with the girls.  It was an enlightening experience to watch and listen to the dances and songs native to this area.  We sang two songs, and shared a dance that we have worked on for a few months.  It was a success.  The whole event culminated with all of us dancing together.  Many of the girls who were shy in the beginning became more sociable, making our exchange lively and complete.
I am learning more than I thought from this experience.  These tender souls graciously give us the time of day, showing us adults how to love, forgive, and serve.  They are without guile, and constantly seeking to lift those around them.  Every breakfast, and lunch we have the privilege of eating with these girls.  During these meals I have witnessed the older ones in the group, at the kitchen counter, putting together plates of food and bringing them to the younger girls, before getting their own.  This daily routine of service, however small, has taught me how much they value and take care of each other.  I feel we can all take a page from their book—seeking to serve those around us.  They certainly cherish human relationships more than the things of the world.
I am grateful to be here in Chamba, with an incredible organization, working with such a wonderful group of friends.  Because of the unrelenting help from YMAD, these little ones can bloom in hope.  It is life altering for them, and for us.  It is a labor of love.  From India I send my warmest sentiments, hoping all is well back at home.
Brayden Forbes