Kylee Rowley: surrounded by greatness

when rachel informed me that tonight was my night to blog i was both excited and overwhelmed. i am excited to share some of my thoughts and experiences, but don't quite know where to begin. i could tell you about the gorgeous wedding we stumbled upon (if only we could have participated in the celebration), the morning we suddenly had internet (we were instagramming, facetiming, and e-mailing like never before), the bleacher dance party we had (music video coming your way), the hardest, steepest, sweatiest hike of my entire life (it might have been near death but the destination at the end was well worth it), or the discovery of not only a wet bag, but wet contents (nearly every single thing i packed is laying out to dry), i could talk about all those moments but instead i want to talk about the people i am with.

there are two people i have heard much about prior to this trip, mr. dhami being one of them. we are currently staying in his beautiful orchard hut where we have been instantly welcomed, fed well (best meal of the trip so far), entertained (rupashi might just be the cutest little girl around), and taken care of entirely. not only is his house beautiful, but so is his family. they are all so kind and generous. it is people like this who already have me wishing for a return trip to this country.

raj has been beyond amazing. it has been fun to put a face to a name i have heard more times than i can count; getting to know him has been the real treat though. his love and devotion for ymad is evident and his hard work does not go unnoticed. he answers the millions of questions we shoot his way, he translates, directs, and takes care of meal payments, he provides us with water and even holds some of our (okay, maybe just my) bags while driving and hiking. raj is so much more than a leader, he is also a friend.

it is impossible for me to talk about the amazing people i am surrounded by without mentioning team kabu. every single person i am here with has and continues to influence my life in so many ways. it is because of these people that this experience has been so influential. it is because of these people that our work with the girls will be successful. it is because of these people that a difference will be made.