Kylee Rowley: 26 new best friends

i'm really struggling with this blog post tonight, the feelings in my heart fail to find their place on paper. it is nearly impossible for me to explain how much these girls mean to me. one of the hardest things to explain is how instant the mutual love was and how much the love continues to grow. seeing their home for the first time was more humbling and heartbreaking than anything i have previously experienced. even more humbling was seeing the way these girls live their lives. they have very little, but give constantly and love endlessly. i have felt that endless love and it has changed my life entirely. we only have three days left with the girls. as we were sitting in a circle tonight talking about our highs and lows of the day i found myself crying. it was one of those unplanned, can't get make it stop, half happy, half sad cries. this is a happiness i have never known before, a happiness i cannot capture with my camera or describe in a blog post. every day i wake up and spend my day with 26 of the most amazing girls i will ever know. every day i admire them, teach them, love them, and learn from them. goodbyes have not yet come, but the saddness has already crept in. as much as i miss my home in america, i would stay here longer if it were possible. i have 26 new best friends and i refuse to say goodbye. thursday will surely be the hardest day of my life.