Kush (Lauren Bailey)

It seems unreal to actually be in India. My heart is so full of gratitude, being here is honestly thee greatest thing I have ever done. The kids in our schools are absolutely adorable.  Every time you see them they bow and say good morning madam. They are the smartest most respecting kids I have ever seen they are also so loving they have a heart that’s the size of an elephant. Its so exciting to see them learn new things, they pick everything up so fast.  They are honestly the happiest and kindest, every time we leave the school you think they could not get any cuter and you come back and they are more adorable then they where the day before. So we have been picking up on a few Hindi words while we’ve been here and I think my most favorite one is Kush it means happy and they are always happy if you hold up a thumbs up and say “Kush“ they say, “Yes, yes.” Being India has made my life better in so many ways the kids have taught me so many things.  One thing that has been specifically great is my team I LOVE my team! They are the best. Kristen: Is one of the happiest people I have ever met. She makes everything better. Angela: Is kind and loving she is willing to do anything for the kids in the school and awshrum.

Sarah: has the biggest heart of anyone I know and she is absolutely hilarious.

Dylan: Has the best dance moves I have ever seen.

Jamison: his hair has probably grown three feet since we’ve been here.

Sandon: can carry our team bag like a pro, so he is gaining some good muscle.

Brooke: where do I start with Brooke, I’m so grateful she’s my team leader she makes everything better I love her too much. I’m so lucky to have her here with me it wouldn’t be the same with out her leading us in the right way.

So thanks team for being so great.

Besides going to the school we have also been going to the awshrum our awshrum is an all boy awshrum the boys are so cute and fun to be around, you could say we have fun. Today we decided to play with pipe cleaners nothing has ever been funnier. They just started making pro pipe cleaner figures we were all blown away.

Its safe to say I am having the time of my life, and I will forever be grateful for my experience her.


Yes parentals I am still alive, love you guys! IMG_2085