Koch Pukur - Tanner

The village that Gimmie Morange is going to ( Abbey, Siera, Marissa, Izzy, Jeff, Sam, Raymo, and me) is Koch Pukur. It is such a wonderful village!! I am absolutely in love with it. The kids in the village are amazing!! Koch Pukur is seriously set in the most beautiful landscape! It feels like you are in a movie! We went on the most incredible boat tour. The boat was a flat bottom canoe! Koch Pukur is one of the highest, most remote villages here! Once we’re done teaching in the village school for the day we get to explore the village and visit family’s houses, and everywhere we go there are at least ten kids holding our hands tugging us in every direction.. My favorite thing about these people is that they are so happy!! Every night we have an inspirational thought from our wonderful YMAD leaders. One of my favorite inspirations that we received reminded me of the people in Koch Pukur.”The happiest people do not have the best of everything. They make the best of everything that they have.” I just can’t say it enough, I have never met such happy people!! I LOVE them, I LOVE India, I LOVE YMAD! Shout out to my amazing family and friends! I love you!! –Tanner Minnick