Kira Rogers

O. My. Gosh! This the most amazing experience of my life! I love iNdia!! IF i could just have a toilet that flushed and a real shower I would stay here for ever, oh an occasional burger. We wake up at seven in the morning, get ready and leave for our schools. I LOVE working with the kids at the schools! They are so beautiful and smart! Words can't express how much I love them and I have only been with them for four days. It so fun to teach them, and it is so rewarding watching them get it, there faces just light up and they are so proud of themselves. I love how excited they get over the littlest things, like high fives and taking pictures.
The other day made masks, and they all wanted me to take their pictures! It was adorable! A few days ago pop rocks and it was hilarious! They pretty much dumped half a pack in their mouths and then ran to spit it out once they heard the popping. I also love how much the kids have warmed up to us. I feel like I have known them forever and I feel like I know each of their personalities. Today we were practicing english on the white boards, and one little girl named Krishna (love her!) got a white board and started writing letters and numbers for me to say. It was so cute and every time I got it right she would give me a high five and got so excited. I love how happy we are making these kids and how happy they make us.
I feel so lucky to be part of this amazing experience and to be able to learn from these kids and people who have so much more perspective on life then I could ever have. They truly are amazing and are so greateful for everything. I love them and I love being here!!!!