Kimi Rasmussen

WOW, where to start? I know we all got the warnings and the “F.Y.I’s” of the dirtiness and the crowds of people and the awkward looks and the sweetest kids/people on the planet; and really I think we all attempted to picture it in our minds but there is absolutely no way to describe the experiences we are having. After 30 hours of sitting on a plane we finally arrived here, it might as well be a different planet. Looking out the windows on the way to the NISHTA headquarters felt like we were watching a movie, because you really don’t see things like we did in real life. From then we’ve gone to our villages and seen all of the beautiful girls we are working with. I don’t think they realize we are more nervous to be there then they are…but the nervousness only lasted so long and gave me more hugs then I’ve ever needed in my life. I can’t even imagine how sad I’m going to be to leave these girls on the last day. We sang, played, taught, danced, and laughed. What an opportunity! Well the only thing I can’t wait about coming home is not feeling sticky all the time. It is more humid then a sauna. Other then that I think I could live here in a brick hut in the jungle for the rest of my life. It’s so green and the ponds and water everywhere seriously makes the surroundings surreal. The dirt and old uneven brick roads are oddly fascinating. I don’t think I can get enough pictures. Really, I cant wait for tomorrow!