Kicking Cows - Scott Moffitt

IMG_3195 What a great day! We woke up to rain and it stayed drizzling most of the day, so it didn’t feel like an oven today. The group was split up again and 9 went to paint while the rest of us went back to the school to teach for the last day. It has been really fun to teach these kids at the private school and I am sad to leave them today. I have really enjoyed teaching the older kids (9-13 years old). They are so smart and can understand most of what you teach so I really feel like I am making an impact on them. The younger kids are a lot of fun too, but it’s definitely harder to teach 4 year old Indian children about dental hygiene…most of the time it turns into chaos. Head shoulders knees and toes has become a favorite game! One of the older boys named Kushal became my little buddy. He taught me cool handshakes and always wanted to be in my group when we split up. In the adjective workshop he wrote a letter about me and gave it to me at the end of the day. He said I was handsome and funny (obviously) but it was really special coming from him. It definitely made me feel good! At the end of the day when we had to say goodbye he asked me for my mobile phone number. I felt bad telling him it wouldn’t work but I told him to find me on Facebook and gave him my email. I know I probably wont every see him again but I hope that I have had some impact on him. Also, there was a cow eating some vomit as we were walking back to the house…It was blocking our path so I kicked it. That is all.