Kenzie Morris

WOW. It is hard difficult to explain in words what the experience of India is like. I have fallen in love with the children of India, their smiles, their hearts, and their souls. I’ll admit, I’m a germiphobe. But here in India, I hold their hands, kiss their faces, and wipes their noses. My friends and family would be proud of me. I now know the meaning of unconditional love. Regardless of how filthy these kids are, I can’t help but hug, and love them. I’ve also learned how difficult teaching is. I can’t explain the way your heart feels when a child answers a simple question like “what is your name?” or remembers something you taught them from the day before. It means so much because we are putting our whole hearts into this expedition. By the end of the school day (5:00 o’clock) I am so exhausted I can barely keep my eyes open. I am learning how to give my very best and I know we are making a difference. KenzieBlog1


Things to know about India:

  1. If you take out a camera, expect to get tackled by crazy children.
  3. The food will burn your tongue off.
  4. You’ll lose ten pounds.
  5.  Indian boys are fast runners.. even in flip flops.
  6. Pig tails make little girls 30849238423948 times cuter.
  7. The spiders are BIG.
  8. White people are rare.
  9. To license you only need to prove your horn works.
  10.  You’ll have the time of your life.

P.S. I just ate a bug in my hot chocolate. I take back that part about not being a germiphobe.