Kendrik Gibson

Hello everyone in the USA!!!! We are currently on a 5 hour bus ride on our way to jaipor from Agra. Our flights got cancelled from Kallu to Delhi yesterday we were on a bus for 14 hours from Kallu to Delhi and then for 5 more hours to Agra.  We got to see the Taj Mahal yeseterday and it was one of the most beautiful buildings i have ever seen. In my opinion its beauty equals if not exceeds some of the LDS temples we have in Utah.   
            After my time here ive come to the realize how spoiled I am back home in america. I can eat or drink whatever I want whenever I want and I  haved a warm bed and a warm house to sleep in at night. Its so depresing to see the amount of people  that are in poverty here and i want to help them but I know that I cant.  On another note, yesterday we went to mcdonalds for lunch and I thought I was going to cry. It wasnt as good as american mcdonalds but it was pretty good.  for dinner we had pizza hut and it was amazing.   Im sad that were leaving in a few days but im glad because I can see my family and my girlfriend. This experience has been the best one of my life and im glad that I raised the money and went to the meetings and the retreats.
I want my brothers and sister to know how much I love them and cant wait to see them.  I want my parents to know that I also miss them and love them and I cant wait to see them in a few days.