Kendrik Gibson

Hello there everyone back home how is everyone doing?  Today is day six and I have had the experience of my life so far. Yesterday we met and taught the kids for the first time and it was very challenging because the kids hardly knew any english. The kids were freaked out because of how tall I am and they were very shy at first. Once our lessons started though they went crazy. We played red light green light and i was wearing a red and green two sided shirt. The kids absolutly loved that game and eventually they chased me down into their class room and all of them tackled me and were just hugging me. The kids are the cutest things that I have ever seen by the way. 
            It amazes me how the people here dont have anything and the amount of love they have for their family and each other as human beings just impresses me more every day.  It makes me wish we could do thins in the united states instead of being so materialistic. I absolutly love it here and want to stay for a few more months.  It makes me sad to think about leaving here in nine or ten days .
            I just want to let my family know how much that i miss them and how much that I love them. I didnt realize till im halfway around the world how much my little brothers and sister  love me and care about me.  I would like my parents to know how much I appreciate all that they have done for me and all that they have given me and how much that I love them.