Kelcie Cheney- They Call me "Didi".

Dear family and friends, I hope you are all doing well!! India has been an amazing experience for us all. Today was a little rough for everyone. It was our last day in the schools and ashrams because there is a holiday tomorrow. It’s hard to describe an experience close to my heart in only one paragraph, but this week has made me VERY grateful for all that we have in America. We are so very blessed. My group attended the temple ashram full of girls of all ages. The girls literally have nothing and yet they are the happiest little girls I have ever met. They call me “didi” which I figured out means “sister.” It is amazing to me how attached you can become to these kids after spending only a couple of days with them. We were about to leave the Ashram when a little girl named Javee came up to me with tears in her eyes and said, “please please take me to America with you.” I started to cry and replied, “I will never forget you. You are beautiful. Never forget how much we love you.” I want more than anything, to bring every single one of them home with me. Although we are here in India to help these kids, I feel like they have helped us more than we could ever help them. Leaving them behind was one of the hardest things I have ever done, but I am so grateful they came into my life. Love you and miss you all.


Love, Kelcie Cheney


P.S. The kids loved the bracelets! Their faces lit up when I tied them around their wrists. I want to thank my family, especially my little sister Ali, for the many hours spent braiding them. I wish you were all here to witness their expressions. It was like Christmas for them. I love my family!! See you soon