Leaving the kids at the school was very hard for me to do. I will miss all of the kids, especially Dhani, but I am so glad that I got to spend time with all of them and  them the best I could. We left Banjar to Kullu and found out that our flight to Delhi was cancelled, so we had to take a 14 hour bus ride to Agra. It was AWESOME! during the night the street lights of the towns we drove through looked like stars on mountainsides. It was beautiful- untill we found out what was underneath the street lights and found slums, shacks, garbage, etc. All of the places we have been through have been consumed in poverty. There are people living in mud houses surrounded by trash. There are naked people without clothes, beggars everywhere (one lady tried to give me her baby haha), cattle roaming the highways, along with elephants and camals. No amount of words or pictures can describe what the people here are going through on a daily basis. The best way I can describe the towns here is its as if a tornado has been reeping havoc in the area for years and finally left leaving everyone stuck in this aweful mess. The towns contradict themselves so much here. there are 5 star hotels on one side of a street, and unfinished, abandoned projects on the other. There are BMW car dealerships by the free way, and thousands of helpless people living under the elevated roads. There is so much work that needs to be done in India. So much that it makes what we did in Banjar look meaningless, even though it isn’t. We saw the Taj Mahal!! And let me tell you-It is UNREAL. It is massive on the outside, and small inside. The entire thing is made of Marble, and the grounds are stunningly beautiful. The amount of detail inside and outside of the Taj is breath-taking. I LOVED it. It wasn’t as fun as being with the kids, but it was still unbelievable. Did  you know that pizza huts in India are twice as good as they are in the US? shocking, I know. It sucks that I only have one more full day in India, but it has been the greatest experience ever!  I mean I love my friends and family, but I wish I could spend more time in India haha. Right now I am on a bus to Jaipur, or however you spell it,  and typing is really hard right now- so this is goodbye for now! Also, I’m riding an elephant tomorrow and I am so excited I am on the verge of peeing my pants, which is unfortunate because I still have another 4 houres in this bus. Oh well ! see ya!