Kaylynn Jolley

Wow! What more can I say! I absolutely love India, the kids they are so cute! All of the little girls call us didi which in Hindi means older sister! They all love to grab my hand and drag me into a circle and teach me all of their cute hindi games, they all yell at me and tell me what to do even though I have absolutely no idea what they are saying to me! Every single day we get to wake up and go play games with little kids that love us unconditionally, what more could I ask for. When we walk down the pathway to their school they all come running and touch our feet and say, “Good Morning Madam.” It is absolutely priceless. If we have taught them anything it would be Simon says and how to give high five's! They always run up to you and yell high five and then get so excited by a simple high five. I was sick for the first four days straight of the trip and couldn't eat anything, but with Craig’s expertise, Blake and Rick’s Priesthood power, and my great supply of medicine we were able to narrow it down and I am all better. I am definitely learning how big of a princess I am and how picky of an eater I am. I will say I do not like the food one bit so I am very glad that I packed enough to eat for these 2 weeks! As far as the princess part goes I am learning to love the outdoors. I am stuck smack dab in the middle of the Himalayan mountains and could not be more happy! I am dirty all the time, I have to shower out of a bucket, that is if there is any water to shower in at all. The power is really iffy whether it is working or not, I do not have a cell phone or the internet to access and last but not least there are a ton of BUGS! Through it all I have managed to buck up and be a man about it all and I could not be more thankful that YMAD came into my life! I could not have gotten involved with a better group of people and most importantly with a better organization to serve these here in India. I love all of you who are reading this! Sky, Mom, Dad and anyone else! I am so glad I am here and I am having the time of my life I can’t wait to tell you all about it!