Kaylynn Jolley

It is beautiful here!!! We are stuck in the middle of the himalayas staying in tents and it could not be more beautiful! I have been sick the whole trip so far but I am feeling a million times better today and cannot wait for what comes! The little kids are so stinking cute and it just melts your heart to see them staring at you with there big brown eyes. The language barrier is really hard because you cant communicate with them although they still manage to sit there quiet and listen to everything you are saying! It is a whole different world here and it is amazing how happy they are with there lifes. They are very appreciative of everything and has made me realize how spoiled we are in America. Another weird thing is that guys and girls do not show any affection toward each other, although the boys walk around holding hands with there buddies and are always hanging all over each other, it is actually really cool to see them being to loving with each other! The flights were sooo long but now that we are here it is all worth it! This is such a neat experience and I cant wait for what is to come!