Kayla Craig

Kayla Banana Craig Yes. Yes, I am blogging again Katy, and yes my name does mean banana in Hindi. I love that I can always make the kids smile because of it. I wish this blog could be as profound as the last, but seeing as I just feel like laughing hysterically right now. I doubt it. Wow, I am amazed at how changed I already feel because of India. I'm getting used to the frequent power outages, ice showers, curry, and looking back I even enjoyed then fifteen minute walk in the pouring rain. I didn't expect anything like this, my only expectation of India being the squatters-which I am happy to report I have only had to use once and have otherwise had a throne--back to my expectations...I couldn't have expected any of this, it's a thousand times better. I have thus far had an incredible time. Amazing leaders, the closest of friends, the sweetest of kids-yes even punk Anil-and the most interest-ing family.  I am so grateful for each of them, we a all so different which is why we make a powerhouse of a team. We couldn't do it without MARCI aka Mom. She is incredible. I guess I did have one more expectation of India... I wanted it to change me. Sitting here, surrounded by indescribable beauty, I can honestly say that I am a different person. Still scatterbrained and a complete kook, but I feel I have a greater love for people-all people-than I ever could have imagined. Being on an expedition with 22 other leaders my age, I've learned to shut up for two minutes and just listen, or observe. It's amazing how much you can learn-especially when observing Flint and his dancing or Kip and his singing. "Be the change you wish to see in the world." I guess that also means that you have to be willing to change yourself. Peace out Girl Scout.

P.s. Mother Teresa, I would really REALLY enjoy pizza the night I get home. Hint hint.... I love you!!!!!