Kaya Hartley

I’ve decided to be super original and NOT make a blog post about my trip so far. I hope that caught your attention, because now my post is going to be extremely cliché.

If you ever come to India, you will see and experience the following:

-shield your eyes, because guys here pee everywhere

- honking is actually a polite thing to do, it’s just like saying “hey! I’m here!” and It’s ILLEGAL to not honk when you’re turning a corner.

- grey hair doesn’t exist here, they dye it orange with henna

- no need to ever go to an amusement park again, come drive through India!

- If you feel deprived of attention and you’re white... come to India! You’ll be a celebrity

- In Utah, we see seagulls and pigeons as much as they see cows, donkeys and dogs here

- If you want to become a local here, you better be a mountain man- or a super human

- It’s gorgeous here, really. Absolutely stunning

- Marijuana grows like dandelions (no worries mom, I’ll save some for you)

- be prepared to fall in love with all of the cute kids here

- curry for breakfast? Yes

I Hope I’ve convinced you to come to India. Because… (Mom and Brooke) I may not be coming back, I love it here. Lots and lots of love!