Katy Rupe

Where do I start? Today has been quite eventful. As I write I’m being eaten alive by mosquitoes, but I’m definitely used to it.

Yesterday we walked through our village afterschool as usual. We were looking at the compost pit that Nishtha had donated to a farmer. As we walk we always have the older girls from our school with us and sometimes just random girls from the village. As you walk through you have at least two girls clinging onto you and giggling at everything you say. Yesterday one of the girls that I walked with was so smart and beautiful. She knew most of the things I was asking which is really unusual. I started to ask her if she went to our school and how close she lived but she kept shaking her head. I just figured that she didn’t understand what I was asking and didn’t really think much of it.

Today we arrived at school as usual, girls screaming and hanging out of the windows. Divided them up into groups and began doing the English workshops. Today we were actually early to the school, for once, so a lot of girls came in later. The last girl to walk in the room was the sweetheart I walked with yesterday. Rob came over to tell us that she is actually a dropout and to make sure that she had fun and learned lots of English. As soon as I saw her I beckoned her over to our group and continued through the lesson. She didn’t leave my side the entire time we were there.

I like to think that my time walking with her and talking to her had influenced her to come to school that day. That our simple conversation made her feel comfortable, maybe even possibly inspired her to continue her schooling. I’m not sure what really happened that made her decide to come but in my heart I will always feel like I gave her the confidence to come.

I absolutely love India! I love the people, the food, the humility, and I’ll the things that it has shown me I will never forget. Love you all and miss you!!