Katie Bug Does India!

Dear Mom/Dad/family/Friends I love India!!!! There are no words I can use to describe India. But here is a list of “The top three things I miss from home.”

  1. Blue skies, Air I can breathe without coughing or making my eyes itch.
  2. Feeling clean.
  3. Family, friends.

My favorite things here!

1 .There are no lines on the road. Everyone just weaves in and out of other cars that are two inches away from each other and don’t care.

2. Running water.

3. All the little girls.

4. All the little girls just love you so much and will hug you and love you no matter what you look or smell like.

5. As a blond haired, blue eyed, 5’7” girl, you’re a celebrity everywhere you go. The Indian people are always asking to take a picture or talk to you, or want to shake your hand.

Thanksgiving day was my first day of teaching because the first day we taught, I was I team leader.  It was easy to teach sometimes . . . . . . But sometimes they are hard to teach because they have no idea what you’re saying or what they’re saying to you. But when we play games with them and we laugh and have so much fun!! Then after teaching the village kids we go to visit the homes of the children we teach.  Their parents give you food and let you sit on their mats. It doesn’t sound like much but I can tell you I feel so loved and honored when I am in their homes. This one family was telling us how happy and grateful there were that we were there then they asked James (are leader) if we wanted to say anything and the first thing he says is I love your door (are you kidding me James) there house is mud. So then I told the translator to say thank you for having us in their home.   I saved is but him n.b.d.

The next house we went to no one was really talking to the woman who was giving us food. So I told the translator to tell them thank you very much and that the food was really yummy!! Then the translator told the ladies what I said and normally it’s like just like a namaskar (Bengali for Namaste’) and you move on but they kept talking. Then the translator asked my name, he told the women my name, and after they spoke with the translator some more he told me that they said you’re their daughter and now you stay! When we were all leaving and getting are shoes on saying our good byes, again the woman whose home we were in said.  “No, you stay” as she pointed to me and laughed!  She walked me around her house.  It wasn’t a long walk (It was a two room house.) She showed me here rooms, bed and, kitchen. Then she pointed and said look lights! She was so proud to show me here lights in here home!! She is a very happy loud fluffy lady! My favorite Mom in India! (Don’t worry Louise your job as favorite Mom in USA is still safe!)

To my friends and family, I love you and miss you all.  Drop a comment on my blog so I know you are alive and keeping up on what I am up to.

Love you!,

Katie Bug