Katie Bezdjian - Day One

Though we had a small inconvenience before leaving with our flight to San Francisco, we are currently flying over the Bering Sea on our way to India.  T-4 hours until this leg of the journey is over!  Even though this flight is long, it has actually been fun.  Singapore Airlines provides a lot of movies and entertainment and the entire YMAD team is seated right next to each other, with the exception of Allison Ford (she got booted to the back between two Indian men). Once we stop for a moment in South Korea, we will continue on our way to Singapore, then to New Delhi.  The sun has been up the entire time we have been flying, so technically this is the longest day of the year for us.  After traveling for so long, I’m sure we’ll all be very grateful once we actually land in India. All day long, airport employees have expressed their admiration for our mission and they have assisted us greatly in our travel.  It is so nice to have support from people everywhere, even though they do not know the specifics of our work in India.  Without the attention of airport employees, our delayed flight probably would not have left as quickly as it did and we would not be on our way to India right now.  Hopefully our good luck and easy travel will continue and we will be in India soon!

Namaste -