Katherine's Blog

First Day of School Waking up today was so surreal to everyone. We were finally going to be able to do what we have been preparing for for a year now. It was so exciting and nerve racking as well. The car ride to the schools were absolutely breath taking! The green scenery in the Himalayas is unreal! It has been raining all day today and makes the scenery look every more lush and exotic. It is a completely different world here. One of the things that is very shocking to me is the trash  EVERYWHERE. Literally all over everywhere. The poverty here is so real and is completely all around you. It really makes me wonder if these people even realize how bad it is. It poisons there water, there food, everything. Stray dogs and cows are eating trash and you can see children playing in it. It's very eye opening for everyone.

Once we got to the schools we awaited the children's arrival. They are all so beautiful. I have already completely fallen in love with them and it is only the first day. The first child to arrive was Bobilu. He was smiling from ear to ear and touched his heart and both of our feet. Our translator Kanta  told us it is a symbol of respect and welcoming. I loved teaching today and  starting to get to know these kids. It was really hard with the language barrier but it made me want to try even harder. My favorite part with these kids today was playing games with them, and when we were driving off they were all running along side our car smiling and waving at us goodbye. It was the sweetest thing in the world and they're  all really so precious.

Touring today was another story, it was very wet, crowded and muddy. You felt like you were either going to get hit by a car or kidnaped. So that was cool. (Haha don't worry mom we stuck together in our group.) It was really so incredible actually walking the streets of India and seeing it all hands on.

The blind and deaf school was probably the highlight of my whole day. Pulling up you could see all the girls waving , smiling and laughing. They are adorable and VERY intelligent. At first it was so hard and a little frustrating because they don't speak English and they can't hear the interpreters either. But we quickly figured out little ways to get them to know what we were trying to say. The best feeling in the world is seeing there eyes light up when you both know you communicated with each other and understood. I love them so much and loved communicating with them!!! They are so smart and are trying just as hard as we are, if not harder. They are so incredible and I feel so blessed to be able to have the opportunity to teach these children.

Serving these children is my favorite thing in the world and it makes me so happy to be able to make a difference in these children's lives. I am so blessed it is unbelievable and I am never going to forget this experience.

P.s Mom you can't come to India, because you are too pretty.  Also tell the boys I love and miss them!

Love, Katherine Nielson