Kate Nielsen

We just got home (I say home because Nistha feels like Home in India) from Sunderban Tiger Camp. No one really saw tigers but I swear Hailee, James, and I did see one just barley hiding in some trees! Being in the jungle was fun but I really missed my school girls saying goodbye to the day boarding school girls was really hard, I feel like we have made a difference in their lives though and we have truly thought them how to love. I can’t wait for tomorrow morning we are going back to our village schools one more time, it’s a bitter sweet feeling because if cant wait to see all of their smiling faces. Saying goodbye will be a killer because I feel like I got really close with these girls and our time together was so short. I love being here in India everyday is a new adventure! I can’t believe our time is winding down it feels like just yesterday I arrived, yet so much has happened on this adventure I hate to see it end.