Just a Quick Note From Jane and Jeff

Hi Everybody and especially all the YMAD Moms and Dads!, Jane and I wanted to add a quick note to the pictures we posted and let you know that your kids are amazing!  We are so impressed by them and honored to be a part of this expedition with them.  Everyone of them have thrown themselves fully into every aspect of our trip.  Their only complaint is that they can't do more and stay longer.  A couple of examples of who and what your teens are.  First, every evening we return home from our exhausting day's work and gather on our dining balcony and wait for our cooks to put the finishing touches on our evening meal.  Abijhit lets us all know it is time for dinner with a "Dinner ready!"  The boys on their own have decided that they will not go through the line or eat until all the girls present have received their dinner.  If one of the girls comes into our dining area after the boys have gotten into line, she is moved to the front and the boys at the  "buffet" stand aside until she has filled her plate.  The boys decided this on their own.  When I saw this happen our first evening, I almost cried!  (I am told that for me that isn't saying too much.  But just the same, what an impressive group of young men.  Second, cooking Thanksgiving dinner has never been a favorite job, but last night as we returned from a day of teaching and playing our teens came to us and informed us that they would be doing the cooking.  We were not only impressed again but thrilled to share some of our responsibility.  As dinner wound down, again on their own, each teen shared of their love for their families, the children of our villages and each other.  They each espressed personal thanks and gratitudes.  We finished the evening with another one of our now epic group hugs.  And now this morning it was up again early, prep for the day, a breakfast of scrambled eggs, potato cakes and toast, and off to their village schools in the morning and the girls of the Main Day Boarding school for another hard working day in India.  We promise you that your son or daughter will come home tired.  We are sorry that they will struggle to share their stories of love, compassion and tenderness.  We can tell you without hesitation that they have faced very large and difficult challenges and have with strength, grace, love and hard work, risen to meet those challenges.  They are the finest people we have ever had the joy of being with.

With appreciation and love,

Jeff and Jane