Journey to the Other Side of the World: Tanner Olsen

This experience has already been so mesmerizing, the journey to get here in itself has been unlike anything. Through the vast amount of air travel that put my sense of time in a sense of blur. To think I am practically on the opposite side of the world. The car ride here was so amazing, we would climbing these mountains in these tiny vans no more than five feet away from massive cliffs. I would sit there and think about high we are only to turn a corner to see another mountain, a higher mountain that we were to cross over. Many of my fellow ymad homies became sick throughout the ride, with just cause because of how bumpy and windy the roads were. Nonetheless I found it an incredible experience. The terrain here is so beautiful and unlike anything else there is no way you cannot fall in love with it and its majestic presence. Im sure the people who did not feel well agree. It was already apparent to me how incredible this journey will be and I am so grateful for the lessons it has and will teach me. This place is so different from everything I am used to and have been exposed to. And I cant wait to see what it will further bring into my life.