Jordan Honeycutt

Namaste from Jibhi! It has been quite the journey to get here, but Jibhi is absolutely incredible, filled with beautiful people and picturesque scenery. The bus ride from Delhi to Jibhi proved to have some amazing views, one of my favorites being the small houses on the terraced mountains softly glowing in the nighttime like fireflies. Since we arrived at the Jibhi camp in the dark, it was a wonderful surprise to wake up to the lush green trees that surround us, which seem to have an infinite fog hanging about the tops. The air here is warm and wet, as is everything else. It really is just breathtaking. Other than the extraordinary landscape, the people here have been equally enchanting. Today was the first day we taught and it was phenomenal! We had thirty-six girls come to the school and they have already stolen my heart. They are so beautiful, smart, and kind. At the beginning of the day many of them were extremely shy, but as the day went on they began to let their guard down and come out of their shells. I love getting to know them and each of their beautiful and unique personalities! They are absolutely darling! I’m beyond excited to be here teaching them. I already feel so much love for them and am dreading when I have to say good-bye to their sweet faces. This trip has been incredible so far and I’m stoked to see what’s in store for us!!