Jordan Honeycutt


Today was the first day in our ashram, and it was indescribably amazing!!!! The kids are soooo cute!! I already love them all so much!! They are all so sweet and affectionate!! One of the girls, Bhumika, took my hand and gave me her bracelet-it melted my heart! So I gave her one of my favorite bracelets in return and she loved it! All day the kids kept giving me bubble gum sticks and putting the little tattoos on my hands, which are covered now! Some of the girls, Pooja and Preeti, would take my face and kiss my cheek. They all loved to give me hugs, which made my day!! Saying good-bye was already hard, and it was only day one! I am sooo stoked to go back and teach them more, even though they’re already so smart and kind!!

P.S. Hi family!! J Madre, I’m doing great—I absolutely love it here! And the food is delicious!! Oh and today is Tuesday, so Chase and Matt, you better be there! Haha PRIZZA!! J I love you guys!