Jordan Harris - This feeling is so unreal

This feeling is just so unreal! I am finally heading to India after all this time. After all the hectic craziness of raising money, learning the lessons we are teaching the kids in India, and worrying about whether or not my visa will get here on time, I am still trying to process everything in my head. It feels just like yesterday I just got the acceptance letter into YMAD, but here I am about one year later on my way. I haven’t had the affect of being homesick yet since it hasn’t been a whole day but I am sure it will come. It’s incredibly awesome to finally leave the country and see the world from a whole new point of view. The plane rides have both been odd. We have been carrying our stuff on and off planes with a couple plane issues (nothing too big) and finally on the flight from San Francisco to Singapore its really nice and its definitely good time to chill out and bond with other YMAD participants. It’s so nice getting to know all of the other teens on this flight, even though I have spent the past year getting to know them, I still feel like I am seeing a whole new side and we are all open with each other. Our YMAD leaders have been so awesome and patient I am so grateful for them. All in all on this trip so far the movies on the plane are great and the food is surprisingly really good and I am really excited to make a difference.