John & Team

Ever since we left salt lake it feels like it's been one long day. We were chasing the sun and the night finally caught us. We are exhausted!!! Time is really messed up, but we are hoping we'll adjust quickly.India is a completely different world. There is beauty, but also there are streets filled with garbage, building ruins, and cow pies. The drivers here are insane! We drive on the opposite side of the road most of the time and there is no such thing as right of ways or courtesy. There is constant honking. Motorcycles and vespas crowd the street. What we consider crazy, dangerous and very rude is what is considered the "norm" here. We constantly are holding our breath, praying that we won't get in an accident. Speaking of accidents we saw a truck take out the whole entire side of a small Suzuki and both drivers continued driving. The whole bumper was just completely ripped off. India is crazy, but it is absolutely AMAZING!!! Our journey here was almost unbearable, but it was more than worth it. In all the chaos, India is everything we hoped and wished it would be and more! For Porters first plane ride he thought it was awful and had gotten no sleep. We are enjoying our time here and we look forward to the upcoming events.

Love Katherine, Fifi, Lacey, Brooke, Porter, and John.

Ps. We love and miss you!!!