Joga - Hannah Morgan

Oh man haha!! Joga is not for me! Yesterday right after our cultural sharing with the girls from DBS (Day Boarding School), we got to participate in an India “Joga” (yoga) class.  It was in the DBS temple which has marble floors, not for laying on. We had just finished our major dance party/ mosh pit, and these marble floors were really dirty.  All of us YMAD kids were in three columns on the floor and completely exhausted.  Kids had been hanging on us all day, and keeping constant smiles on your face for as long as we have to, is somewhat tiresome.   Our Joga  instructor was very good, having us do some calming moves! Every time we were told to lay on the floor I nearly fell asleep, no matter how hard that marble was.  The moves we did were hard.  I could not touch my feet and when I was told to bend backwards and touch my head to my toes… well my body just doesn’t move like that. Watching everyone try the “Joga” moves was really funny and I had a great time.  The best part of “Joga” was this little girl, about a year old, who was doing all the crazy moves and was so happy to be there doing yoga with all of us.  I had such a blast doing Joga. It is very calming.