JoDee's brush with fame!

It was another miraculous day in the Himalaya's! Last night we challenged the kids to put their game on and help the kids in the schools with their english! So much of the translation has to come from our interpreters and speaking english is what will make the most longterm difference in the kids children's lives we are working with. Our team is committed to helping the children over come the barriers that prevent the desire to speak english.

While our team was in the schools I took a three hour drive on the road from hell to teach some more newborn infant care works shops. Fourteen women crowded into a small room about six by ten feet. During the training I pulled out my lap top to show them a birthing video. They were amazed! My grand daughters image is on the desk top of my lap top and they wanted to hear all about her. I remembered I had a video of her birth on the computer and so I showed it to the women. They loved it!
After we were finished the whole village led me to the birth place of the great Kalai, a six foot famous India WWF wrestler in the US. I'll have to google him when I get home. The story is it that as a boy he was so big that one day his motor bike broke down so he put it on his shoulder and walked home. He was the size of Warren Porter.
We have all been so busy getting ready every day that we have had no down time. Tonight we are going to let the kids just relax. We have the big cultural exchange tomorrow morning at the high school. It should be fun!