Jessica Kubly

I guess I never imagined India to be quite like this, but I guess I never really had any expectations. It is like all the pictures that I have seen all of my life with women in beautiful jumpsuits and headdresses, men in turbans, people carrying baskets on their heads, etc., has all come to life. What an incredible experience this is! Today it seemed like everyone of us woke bright and early, despite the fact that we are still pretty jet lagged. It’s nine right now and we are all charging for bed. We set off from Minali at around 8:30 this morning not knowing what we were in for. It started off with a jeep ride, which really is more like the Jurrasic Park ride at Disneyland. It was raining lightly until we met face to face with a flash flood…. Enough said for now haha. We are alive! I know I can speak for myself and all of the others in saying that we are so anxious to get to Chamba tomorrow. Just driving through the cities and watching the people and their amazing culture just makes me want to live in their shoes for a day and experience exactly what it is they experience from day to day. I just can’t wait to meet the beautiful girls that are waiting for us!