Olivia Creer

We are finally here! Traveling took us about 2 days but it went by really fast… 20 hours of flying and 15 hours of driving!  Our drive up the Himalayas was the scariest thing I have ever done!  It was also very exciting so I loved it.  We’re finally in Manali and I LOVE IT here.  The food is amazing and the people are so nice.  I love the culture here, I definitely could see myself living here for months at a time… Today we went shopping and went to 2 different Monasteries and they were beautiful!  The shopping was overwhelming for sure but I love everything I got… I’m so excited to give everyone gifts that I got.  I am so thankful to be here.  I was really nervous at first but I feel so comfortable and I’ve loved every second of it.  I already want to plan a trip back.  Seeing how green and beautiful the Himalayas are makes me realize there are so many places in the world that I want to see, especially more of India.  The food we’ve had has been amazing so far.  We’ve had different types of chicken, and momos, and lamb.  The breakfast was the most American.  We had corn flakes with hot milk and sugar, eggs, and mango juice.  A lot of the food here we can make and find at home which is exciting cause I’ve loved it all s far so it’ll be fun to find it at home and show my family what we’ve eaten.  I’m mainly excited to meet the girls.  We met 2 today that were from the NHPC last year but cant come this year and seeing how excited James, Paul, Brayden and Rachel were to see them made me 10x more excited to get over to the orphanage and meet the girls…  This trip has been unreal so far and I’m positive it will keep getting better!