Jen Luther


The plane rides here were long and rigorous! We had a long layover in San Francisco and 12 of us went out and saw a bit of the city and rode a trolley while the rest stayed at the airport and entertained themselves. The next flight was the biggie! We flew from San Francisco to South Korea. It took forever, probably 12 ½ hours. A lot of the adult leaders were passed out most of the flight while the rest of the YMADers watched movies, played games, and drank gallons of water that the flight attendants kept feeding us! In order to prevent swollen feet we were urged to stand up about every hour…I did that, my feet look like elephants!! After about the 100th airplane meal, we had had enough and most of us didn’t get the last meal we were served. We had two more flights, South Korea to Singapore and Singapore to New Delhi. Needless to say we were all anxious to arrive in India. After arriving in India we rode on the big bus. I have learned that the rumors are true. The driving in India is insane! In the first 10 minutes of observing New Delhi I have learned a new language of horns. Unlike in America, horns here are used simply to let people know where you are at, when you are passing them, when it’s safe to pass and as a greeting J That last one is made up. At the end of our day spent in New Delhi we reported to the New Delhi Train station. Talk about sensory over load. We had just gotten finished walking through a market where we were bombarded with useless trinkets and such just to turn around and get bombarded with crowds of beggars. We were exhausted from the days travel and were ready to get to Chamba. The train was unlike anything I have ever experienced and I don’t think any of us will be complaining about poor sleeping quarters anywhere else. We were surrounded by people we didn’t know in a rundown train we had never seen in a country only Kelly and Blake have been in. Let’s just say things were new to us! If you slept through the whole train ride it went by fast and for those who didn’t…I’m sorry. I am currently in Chamba due to a fantastic drive through the mountains in our SUV’s! I can’t wait for tomorrow when we get to work with the kids.