Jason Cowdin

This trip has been awesome! How can you not enjoy the fresh mountain air each morning as you drive to a school to help kids that have so little. It was hard to leave IRA Public School where my team along with Kirsten’s team was assigned. When we left the school I knew that we had done some good and I knew that each one of us had grown from the experience and examples of the children and teachers.

Being an adult leader has been fun and I have enjoyed seeing the group come together. I have asked myself a few times if I would have put in the time and effort to come to India on a charity mission when I was a teenager and I am not sure if I would have. These are good youth and they really have made a difference.

I am doing good and everyone is healthy. Mom don’t worry, we have everything under control and will be home soon!

Here are some pictures of team CTR in action. Thanks Mike M, Chase, Erin, and McKell.