Janessa Bond

I’m Home

            We’re over 53 hours of travel, 8,149 miles, living in cement huts with spiders the size of grapefruits, in the middle of the Himalayas. Strangely I couldn’t feel more at home.

This being my second time in India I thought I knew what to expect, as always expect the unexpected… I was unprepared 1) for how brutal the 16 hour bus ride was. 2) how beautiful Jibhi is. 3) How quickly I fell in love with these kids.

We’re teaching 36 girls ranging from 9-13. My goodness, they are some of the sweetest, most beautiful girls! So smart too, as we teach them we learn about the aspirations for their futures. They hope to be doctors, teachers, lawyers, ect.. I pray that we can not only give them the tools they need for education but, give them the hope that they can make it happen.

As of right now I’m trying to figure out how I can smuggle +40 kids back into the US, or maybe I’ll just stay here I’m torn. I sure love you guys, but this really is my happy place! My heart feels right at home… (So cheesy I know)

Like I do everyday just a couple of things I’m grateful for:

-All the incredible people in my life.

-Indoor Plumming.

-Meals that don’t include rice.

- This once in a lifetime opportunity.

Much Love,

Janessa Bond