Janese- Distance Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

  I have been fortune enough to visit all of the schools and all of the Ashrams which has given me the opportunity to see ALL of the teens interact with the amazing children. It is easily understood why each teen would swear to their dying day why “their” children are the best/cutest/smartest/etc. The children are all so full of love and an eagerness to learn.

It is truly jovial to see your teens arrive at the schools with their smiles and best foot forward despite the lack of sleep, stuffy noses, “oh no rice & curry again” meals and all the other uneasy living conditions they are facing.

I have traveled from village to village and met some amazingly strong women. We come here to teach, but I feel like I have learned much more than I could ever offer. I am humbled at having the opportunity to step into homes along the steep hills of the Himalyas. Discovering how they function from day to day, and how efficient they are at living off of the land and maintaining self sufficient ways. I spent a day learning of the Energies of our world and how they all fit together, Ohm........

100 New Born Kits, 100 Safe Delivery Kits and 75 Days For Girls Maturation Hygiene kits were  delivered.

The amount of work and time dedicated for this trip far exceeds the two weeks spent here. A BIG THANKS to everyone who has put in countless hours of dedication to make it successful. It has all made a difference.

Distance makes the heart grow fonder and helps us appreciate the day to day things we take advantage of. I miss my family and dear friends. I am so thankful for the YMAD family and the extended family here in India. Love you all. I also love:


Hot showers

Dogs you can pet

Flushing toilets





And of course, my soft warm bed....


I'll be home soon enough, till then Nameste.