So here we are in India!  I still can't believe we've made it all this way.  From SLC to San Fran to Seoul to Singapore to Delhi to Dharamshala -- all on airplanes.  After getting off our two prop-Bombardier jet we all piled in Jeeps (more like off-road minivans) and drove to Chamba.  As our car leaves the airport the first thing we see is two cars, one in each lane, coming straight toward us.  I had mini panic attacks for the next couple minutes as every other car/truck that passed missed our car by feet, sometimes inches.  The drivers are amazing and its a miracle very few people get in crashes because there are so many obstacles (cows, people, dogs, other cars). Despite all the close calls we are all doing very well; I'm surprised at my almost impeccable state of health, I still can't believe I'm in India.

Teaching school is tough, but it's fun, so much fun.  I'm with the group of students at Sahoo, a school with approximately 60 students.  I taught the students about shapes today, and they did a great job learning; some of the older students could even recall what I taught them by the end of the lesson.  There is such a light in these kids' eyes.  They are so willing to learn and so happy to have us at their school.  As we were playing games and running around with them I thought to myself, 'this isn't any ordinary place. . . this is paradise'.
PS: To my parents: I feel so great, i expected my health to take some freak turn but I feel awesome!  To my sisters: Don't worry, I'm looking for some parachute pants for all of you.  To everyone else reading this:  I'm glad I'm in India and not at school - haha!