James Bacigalupo

Today has been another amazing and surreal day. In the morning my village team drove to our village school (all girls). We started out with a couple of group games such as “Down by the bank,” they thoroughly enjoyed the games. Our team then began our workshops with the children such as math, English, crafts etc… Now that it was the second time our team has been there made it easier for both our team and the kids to loosen up and have more fun. Our village team then went through the nearby village and observed the poor conditions the people were living in. Though living in poor conditions these people overall seem to be happy. Obviously it is the attitude one portrays to be whatever mood they want to be.

The entire YMAD team then all met back at Nishtha. We then dressed into dressy apparel to then eat lunch at Mimi’s and Monomi’s grandma’s house. The welcoming was great and the welcoming warm. We then walked through their large garden banana trees, grapefruit, etc… a jungle like garden to envy. The entire YMAD team then drove to a clothing shop and bought various clothing apparel. Currently we are all now back at Nishtha eating dinner and getting ready for the next day.