It's starting to get SERIOUS!

Ok, I feel that since I am starting to make a relationship with the children, it’s ok that I discipline them. I had to use the “Reshma Desai Serious Voice,” it only comes out once in a blue moon, and every third Saturday of the month (that’s when Connor bugs me the most). I made a poster of rules and informed each one of them that for every rule they break, they will have to write that rule 20 times over and over (imagine how hard that is for someone who is just learning English writing!) I organized their cabinets and am making nightly checks to make sure all is in order, otherwise rule writing! And of course, one of the most important rules: eat with only the right hand! This one isn’t too hard for them, that is, after I make them sit on their left hand during eating times. I know it’s sounding rough but I think the older girls enjoy enforcing the rules (a motherly position) and the younger girls enjoy being trained and cared after. I have to think of it this way otherwise I look like the teacher from the Black Lagoon!
I am also becoming close to Raj, don’t worry, (not that close Connor). I think it’s hilarious that the culture here forces him to answer right away when his neighbors and friends see a girl on his motorcycle, I could just try to dress like a boy more often?
Oh, do you want to hear about the pen pal writing? I think it was a mistake! I’m sorry to those of you who were involved in this project but honestly, this fun filled activity is way over the girls’ head! This is exactly how it went:
Reshma: Oh, Pooja, let’s read this letter together. “Dear Pooja, My name is Lizette”
Pooja: No! My name is Pooja, not Lizette
Reshma: I know Pooja, but HER name is Lizette. (We continue with the letter) “I am 11 years old.”
Pooja: No! I am 9 years old not 11!

I think you get the idea. I had a lot of this and a lot of “What is Salt Lake City?” “What is a hotdog?” I think pen pal writing is something for the future…

Oh, and the girls are getting a cold but they're not like the kids back home who would use that as an excuse to stay home from school!