It's been a great day in India!

  It's Thanksgiving night, 11:15 pm and although it's the first time I've thought about Thanksgiving I have had a day filled with gratitude.  I feel gratitude after a long crazy journey to finally be here in India at the Sahu Ashram loving these adorable kids.  Life just doesn't get much better than spending time with these beautiful little people.  I'm thankful to be with an extraordinary group of teenagers at Sahu, Nick, Meghan, Hannah, Todd, Maddie and Anna. I am thankful for our wonderful sweet interpreter Nandini (Raj's new bride).  She is a nurturing intelligent amazing guide for us.  I  feel blessed to have an incredible adult leader "Clutch",  aka Nick to help our group to create a fun enthusiastic unforgettable experience.  He led us on a wonderful adventure to a beautiful old Hindu temple for lunch today.  I have loved to watch my group teach today.  They were flexible and creative and engaging.  The children love them.  One of my favorite moments was watching the children run and grab and jump on all of us squealing with delight when we played The Blob.

I love the group of Ekta.  Everyone has so much to offer and I respect and love every one.  I appreciate the support and help of the adult leaders and I am honored to be here with them.

  I feel gratitude for my family. My heart misses them and longs to see them soon. I've been so anxious to share my experience  with them.  When Chad assigned my group the Sahu Ashram I was so excited because this is the ashram that my kids Denali and Ben both worked at.  Denali put our screensaver on our computer at home to a group picture of these kids.  I've been admiring those sweet faces for a year so when I got to the Sahu I recognized one of Denali's favorite girls instantly and felt so connected to Kunnu.  I asked the teacher about a girl named Neelem because both Ben and Denali had sweet memories of her.  The teacher sad she had gone on to the highschool.  I was disappointed she wasn't there.  As we were leaving the village for the day I saw her.  I instantly recognized her from the pictures and stopped her and said, "I know you!"  She smiled and I asked if she remembered Ben and Denali.  She said she did and we shared a tender moment.  I took her picture and swelled with happiness as I thought of my kids and their wonderful experience here in India.

I am so thankful for a patient kind man who is a great leader, Chad.  He goes above and beyond to make sure that we are all happy and well cared for.  Today he went out of his way to let me get some new fresh clothes while I am waiting for my bag to finally arrive from the airport.  This meant a lot to me.

I am grateful to the Bairds who have let our family be involved in this great YMAD journey.

I am thankful to my husband for supporting me and taking care of the family while I am gone.

It's been a great day in India!

Love Jenny