It's always the little things -Paula Plazas

What's up everybody! I hope you guys are doing good because i sure am doing great! When I was packing and getting ready for India,  I was a little worried about this trip. I had an amazing experience with an amazing group. I also owe so much to my last expedition leaders Jeff and Jane! You guys were the best leaders I could ask for and I will never stop thanking you guys for all you have done! Including raising two amazing boys to run this group! I was worried that I wouldn't make best friends like i did in my last one or that I wouldn't connect with the girl like last time or that just something would go wrong! I kept telling myself during the entire travel here to India that I need to get those thoughts out of my head. Playing with the girls the first time made all those thoughts leave! I stopped comparing and just started to enjoy my time here! It still amazes me that you can have a huge bond with 9 year old girls after 4 days and a language barrier!

I fell in love with these girls the last couple days and sadly today was the day that everyone dreads, we had to say goodbye to our girls. Goodbyes are never easy but these girls were breaking my heart! It's hard to put into words what has happen these last couple days and what these girls mean to me. Uvashi is a girl who is super shy! I personally had trouble getting to know her and having her talk, she was super reserved. I eventually got her to come out of her shell a little bit and know i know that she is 9 years old and has one brother and one sister and she taught me how to count in Hindi. She is so quite but so smart and I know that she got a little more confidence this week. Rupali is another girl here who impressed me everyday! she just wants to learn!! she listens so well and is so smart and catches on to things so fast! She also has one of the prettiest smiles and cutest giggles. I know she has a bright future ahead of her. I know to you guys reading this back home that these are just stories but to us here in Chamba right now, those little things mean the world to us! It's these things that me and my group will remember for the rest of our lives. It was hard to go through another goodbye but it helps knowing that we our group came and did exactly what we planned, teach as much English as possible and show them our love and show them that we care.

To my family and friends back home, I am still loving every minute! I love my group so much!! I think we are so funny and we should probably have our own TV show! Don't know if I'll blog again but mom, I know you can't be at the airport so I'll call you once I land in Utah so you aren't freaking out! Ali, I haven't forgotten about your elephant key chain and I hope all is good back home and our AC is fully fixed. My may I addicts! I have been playing Texas Hold'em every night here so we might have to play it when i get back! haha also don't worry about the Jamba, I think I'll live! I think that's all for now! Hope to see all you guys there at the airport August 1st!