It’s A Fight

I am having the best week of my life, I honestly couldn’t tell you how amazing it is! Yesterday I was talking with someone about how when the Indians smile it’s a true smile, a genuine smile. They show their happiness in their smile, its not just a nice smile that everyone can share but it means something. They are sharing their happiness with you. It makes me so happy when we are in the cars getting all the stares, after a second of staring back we smile and wave that them and they get the biggest happiest grin I have ever seen! I will definitely miss seeing a genuine smile when I get home. Everyday we hike the most beautiful trail I have ever been on; I would probably enjoy it more if I didn’t have a hurt ankle. Everyday the hike gets worse for me but it’s the most serene thing that I wouldn’t dream of missing a day of walking to Thanah, the most amazing school. Today was not my best day because my group tag teamed and lets just say that the helpers in class aren’t really helpers, they made it so much worse, I love my team but it was horrible. I shut down in my lesson today Telling Time sucks to teach let me just tell you that.

I was feeling sick at lunch and my ankle really hurt today so I was really quiet and just feeling horrible but after lunch I went up to get the cute little kids and walked up to see Shanita and Shabu my twins, they are perfect and are the cutest 3 year olds I have ever seen in my life, honestly I don’t think my children will even be as cute as these two. I love them with my whole heart. But I saw Shanita and she saw me we both got the biggest smile on our faces, it was a true smile, like how I described it before. She is the sweetest and saying goodbye will be the hardest thing of my life, because she won’t really understand that I probably will never see her again after our goodbye day. That breaks my heart.

I don’t know what else to say because you wouldn’t really understand it because you have to know Jibhi to understand everything  I am talkinging about. I love it, my team is amazing, Jibhi is disgustingly gorgeous, and my kids are crazy but the most amazing kids I will ever meet in my life.

Mom and Dad (And any friends who are reading this)--

Mom- Want to do me a favor? And pay my housing fee cause I kinda forgot to do that before I left, sorry. I love you

Dad- I love you. And please go shut my window cause I bet you anything its open! And keep everyone out of my room!

Okay now let me tell you what the title means. Tanner and I love the twins more than anything in life. And it’s a fight over who gets to play with them and hold them. We were sitting in a circle one day and I had Shabu and Tanner walked up with Shanita it was hilarious because Shanita ran to me and ditched Tanner but Tanner ran over and got Shabu, so we decided that Shabu is Tanner's and Shanita is mine, we compromised but when I can have both I definitely take both, but now Tanner doesn’t let that happen too often!

I love you all at home, but don’t worry when we all “lose” our tickets and don’t come home on time because it's too perfect here in India.

Xoxo Jordie

(Jordyn Standage)