It was the best of times, it was the worst of times (title credit to Shaylee) -Sam Skidmore

I’d heard that today would be the best day of the trip, but it confused me until now. The feeling of pure love that I felt towards these girls today was a little overwhelming, and there were many times when I felt like just sitting in a corner and crying. These girls have absolutely changed my whole outlook on life, and I haven’t fully realized that until today. When they started filing out to go home today, a few of them ran straight into my arms and began crying, telling me that they loved me and would miss me. I just about lost it on several occasions, though I tried my best to stay strong.  Though it’s sad that we have to leave them now and that I’m not at all willing to go back to America, the impact that they’ve made on me and hopefully I’ve made on them was well worth it! Now, onto a less serious note. As this trip begins to draw to a close, I’ve started reflecting on what I’ve learned on this trip. First of all, showers are the best creation ever invented! Cherish them and know that they’re not nearly as nice in India. Secondly, coke is of the devil. This needs no explanation. Third, I’m never eating rice or curry again. The food hasn’t necessarily been nice, but the fact that I’ve had rice for two of three meals every day, I feel like a variety would be nice. But hey, I ain’t complaining. Fourth, never tell a little girl that she is the best when other girls are listening. This never ends well, even when said little girls speak a different language. Finally, always keep your heart open, because you never know when a little Indian child will change your life forever. Well, that’s enough wisdom for tonight! I’ll see you all in five days.

Also, for your enjoyment, I’m going to put in the song that I started randomly singing a few days ago when I was super tired and loopy.

I like dogs and baby dogs and puppies too

Don’t touch them or you’ll get diseases, it’s true.

Also stay away from the stupid little bugs

That hide in our beds and water jugs.

Last piece of advice before I depart

Showers are cold and curry’s in my heart