It Feels Pretty Good to be a Newlywed - Amanda

As my last blog was posted before I could finish it, I am sure that my family and friends are greatly offended that I did not tell them how much I miss them (not really) but most definitely love them.  So here it is; Mom dad, I am feeling healthy and happy, I love you so much, and can’t wait to see you.  Andrew, its such an amazing feeling knowing that we have the  same special connection to this place and you will be who I go to when I need someone to reminisce with.  Adam, your note to me was soooo sweet it made me cry.  You are an amazing little brother, and you don’t annoy the crap out of me ALL the time.  Karinna, miss you girl, love you to bits. But  back to my title, because I am sure you were very interested.  My group visited this beautiful village yesterday. It was built up between big ponds that the people would fish in, so most of the paths were in between water, and we had to take a wooden canoe to get to most of it.  During the ceremony that all the villages give us when we visit, which consists of throwing flowers of our heads, putting bindis on our foreheads, and giving us an array of questionable foods and drinks to try, an old woman came up to Janessa.  She started speaking in Bengali to her, and pointed to her bracelets all the village women started laughing really hard, and when the women put half her sari over janessa’s head, they started laughing even harder.  Later she did the same to me.  Our interpreter later explained to us that when the woman was pointing to her bracelets, she was showing us that she had a husband, and she was saying she wanted to share him with us.  So mom, dad, your daughter is now the proud third wife of a quiet 65 year old indian man.  Mazeltov.