Insert to the infinite wisdom of...

By Madi Anderson Insert to the infinite wisdom of my mother. Back story needed. The night we were packing my personal bag. I had four pairs of pants that I bought at DI and I thought that was all I needed but my  mother, through much coercion got me to pack 8 pairs even though I thought that was incredibly excessive. She had me also pack 10 shirts, 5 long 5 short, again feeling excessive. Return to present, bags didn't make it, about half of them, both supply and personal. My bag did make it though, and I have plenty to share, and I am so grateful. I need to learn to stop doubting my mother.

Insert to the infinite wisdom of my father. He is great and has kept me safe, both through advise that I have received and habits I have learned for him. I will be grateful that I know that he has kept me safe both in-person and through what he has taught me.

Insert to the infinite wisdom of my friends. "All people smile in the same language." I have seen this throughout the trip, the travel, and the people here in Jibhi. My friends all have encouraged and supported me throughout this whole process. I am so grateful to be surrounded by great people at home and here in India. I cannot imagine not being here with these kids. I love them all so much.

Insert to the wisdom of everyone else. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped me in any way, shape, or form. I cannot believe how awesome this is. I have had the most amazing experiences, and if I had more time I'd tell you everything.

YMAD kids are fabulous, lots of groups taught with little to no teaching supplies. Ours was one with little, we stole name tags, a package of markers, and that was it. My group is fabulous, I am biased though. I love the kids we're teaching. I got great videos and pictures of teaching and playing.

This is absolutely amazing, I cannot believe that this is real, it still hasn't hit me. Thanks for all the love. I love you back! See you later!